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More Than 351342 Unique Cards Generated

  • What makes people like tv_show?
  • Buried treasure in location.
  • Dirty, aging hippies from college continuing to play Ultimate Frisbee. Give it up, assholes.
  • An abacus made of choir boy testicles.
  • Asbestos found in the old school buildings.
  • That pathetic time your friend started a shitty blog, made two posts, and gave up.
  • The school student body.
  • tv_show: the movie.
  • your friend on a 17th century whaling vessel.
  • The height difference between your friend and your friend.
  • location bottom bitches gettin' them ends.
  • What is your friend likely going to dream about tonight?
  • Hipsters spending hundreds of dollars a month on location food trucks.
  • your friend's home made cheese.
  • What item did your friend leave behind at the glory hole at location last weekend?
  • your friend's fondness for beating gypsies.
  • The anal gland of an adult male walrus.
  • The weird teacher from school who texts students after class.
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