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More Than 357930 Unique Cards Generated

  • A Milkshake using the tears resulting from your friend's failed relationships.
  • Unavoidably long lines for the bathroom at employer.
  • If I were to spend a night on the streets of location, what am I mostly likely to encounter?
  • Why is your friend's body covered in a mix of semen and purple drank?
  • What is the best reason to visit location?
  • The location city council.
  • your friend slathered in rapeseed oil.
  • college's cis-gendered, privileged scum.
  • What will help your friend tell their parents about their latent necrophilia?
  • The location job market.
  • The ______ museum was your friend's favorite school field trip.
  • Handkerchiefs used by your friend.
  • your friend and your friend formed a new rap group called adjective ______.
  • location's sad attempt at attracting tourists.
  • The money your friend owes the IRS.
  • your friend pushing a vacuum cleaner.
  • A live episode of tv_show, broadcast from the location city morgue.
  • Next year's must-have Christmas toy will be ______.
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